Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Bohemian Pilsner

This is a picture of my Bohemian Pilsner (name suggestions are encouraged).

This was my first lager I've tried brewing.  The brew date was 04/02/11 and it was kegged (for lagering) on 05/09/11.  It was first tapped earlier this month.

The ingredients are as follows:
  • 9lbs - Domestic 2-row
  • 8oz - CaraPils/Dextrine 
  • 8oz - Crystal 10L
  • 2oz - Saaz hops(1oz at 60min, 1oz at flameout)
  • Saflager S-23 dry lager yeast
I mashed in at 150F and double-batch sparged.  OG was 1.046 and FG was 1.012 giving me a 4.5% ABV beer.  My efficiency was only 64% but I've since tightened the crush of my grains to give me better efficiency.  Primary fermentation was at 60F and I lagered at 38F.

I've seen many complaints on online message boards regarding S-23 yeast.  Since this is my first lager I have nothing to compare it to, but I'm very happy with the taste of this and absolutely love the hops flavor of the Saaz hops.

Tomorrow I'll post a pic of another one of my beers that are on tap and will also discuss my first bulk grain purchase.

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