Sunday, August 28, 2011

More about my current setup

Here are some pictures of my current setup.  This is my kegerator which is a chest freezer with a wood collar.  The top one is of the disorganized inside.  I'm planning on replacing my 4-way manifold for a 6-way and pinning it to the wall of the collar to make it a little more clean.  I can fit six kegs inside with the 10" collar. 

This picture is the outside of the kegerator with three stainless steel Perlick faucets.  Once I buy the new six-way gas manifold, I will add a fourth tap.

Here is a picture of my fermentation chamber.  It is just an insulated box with a computer fan that blows air past ice and circulates it around the fermenter.  I can drop the internal temperature about 15-20 degrees below the ambient temperature.  This is sitting in my basement which is usually in the upper 60's during the summer and lower 60's during the winter.
This is a picture of my mash/lauter tun.  It is a modified 70qt Coleman Extreme cooler.

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