Sunday, February 26, 2012

Centennial Blonde on tap, Altbier and Apfelwein kegged

The Centennial Blonde has been tapped and is pretty good.  It is on the slightly bitter side with a citrusy flavor, all in all it is an easy drinking session beer. 

I've tried the barleywine that I bottled last month once but it is still a bit young so I'll give it a couple more months before I review it again.

The ESB that I removed from the tap for the SuperBowl party is about 3/4 gone, but was received very well. It is back in the kegerator and will go back on tap once one of the other kegs is emptied.  I also kegged my second attempt at Apfelwein.  This Apfelwein used brown sugar instead of Dextrose but should also be around 10% ABV.  The Altbier that I brewed last was also kegged today and came out to about 4.5% ABV.

After tasting/smelling the Centennial hops in my Blonde and trying a Centennial IPA while downtown one evening, I think I'm going to make a Centennial/Cascade IPA next.  I'll have to figure out a good recipe and I'll post it once I know what I'm going to do.

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